Platform consisting of HW IP (Intellectual Property) cores.


• IP-core-based transceiver specifically designed for high-reliable PLC data communication under most stringent real-time requirements

• PLUS-IP ready to be integrated into customer‘s platforms with different integration levels (FPGA, All-programmable SoC, ASIC)

• Platform-oriented and modular development ensures the fulfilment of communication requirements of different target application systems (application specific and / or standard conform). Design assurance standards such as DO, SIL, etc. are taken into account within each development phase.

By integrating such IP core customers save valuable development resources and reduce substantially their own R&D risk and time-to-market.

• Access and communication protocols for different networks and requirements
• Verification and Validation of all protocols through high-level network simulation
• Physical Layer components for multi-carrier communication systems
• Fixed-point simulation model with variable resolution
• Verification environment as VHDL testbench or model-based
• Delivery as source code (VHDL) or FPGA netlist
• DO-ready documentation
• Custom specific adaptions or new developments possible


PLUS-V1 Prototype

For tests in customers’ application environments and user field trials

The PLUS-V1 prototype platform provides a hardware platform for users to test the PLUS protocol in industrial field trials. 

It provides avionics standardized housing and connectors. The prototype consists of two PCBs. The top board contains the Xilinx Zynq SoC upon which the PLUS protocol is realized and the Analog Front End (AFE). The bottom board contains the application specific components such as the coupler, power supply unit and specific data interfaces. A capacitive coupler is used to interface to the power line.

Data Interfaces
The PLUS-V1 prototype can interface to application equipment through the two available Ethernet interfaces, two CAN interfaces or GPIOs.

PLUS-V1 conveniently provides a Linux OS for management. Console access is provided either through TCP/IP or UART (over USB). Management provides for configuration updates, status information reading and firmware updates to be performed remotely either over the attached Ethernet network or directly over the PLC network.

PLUS-V2 Product Platform

For product reference design and user field trials

The PLUS-V2 Product Platform provides a hardware platform to be integrated into users’ product development environment and to test the PLUS protocol in industrial field trials. An innovative design with a single rigid-flex PCB significantly reduces the overall volume. At the core of the platform is the Microsemi PolarFire flash-based FPGA upon which the PLUS protocol is realized. The PolarFire FPGA provides a low-power, secure and reliable hardware solution which serves as reference platform upon which PLUS-based products can be developed. A capacitive coupler is integrated to interface to the power line. A ruggedized housing and avionics standardized connectors allow PLUS-V2 to be used in harsh industrial environments.

PLUS-V2 Product Platform as standalone box
PLUS-V2 Product Platform as board for integration into system devices (weight 70 grams)

Data Interfaces
The PLUS-V2 Product Platform can interface to application equipment through an available Ethernet interface, CAN interface or GPIOs.

Configuration Management
Configuration updates, status information reading, and firmware updates can be formed remotely using the PLUS Management Data Service (MDS) over the attached Ethernet network. MDS allows all the PLUS modems in the network to be configured from any one single modem.

PLUS Breakout Board

A PLUS Breakout Board is available which converts many of the data/power interfaces on the PLUS-V1 and PLUS-V2 platforms to more commonly available commercial interfaces.


Customized IP, system integration and consulting

plc-tec AG

• is the right partner for clients interested in utilizing the benefits of power line communications for the competitive advantage of their products.
• offers customers R&D and consulting services – from the adaptation and integration of own PLUS IP into customers‘ applications systems to complete communication system designs based on PLC – customised for the requirements of client.

• The core offering of plc-tec is licensing of PLUS IP (firmware IP and hardware designs) to customers.

• In addition customers are supported by projects during the different phases of their product design and development:

Clients who are interested in evaluating the potential value added by PLC technology for their products are supported by feasibility studies e.g. utilizing plc-tec’s flexible PLUS Testing System and Methodology based on measurements and tests in clients’ application environments with PLUS Hardware Platforms and further measurement devices.

Clients who have licenced the PLUS IP are supported in:

Integration of PLUS IP into their productisation development / environment 
Certification of such products which integrate PLUS IP 
Demonstration of such products and systems for their customers, e.g. in field trials

Customization services include:
– Adaptation of PLUS IP to specific customer requirements reg. throughput, latency, …
– Adaptation of PLUS IP to the interfaces of the customers‘ systems
– Extension of PLUS IP for the support of further communication standards and for proprietary solutions. Reduced costs due to a high re-use factor.
– Integration of PLUS IP into customers‘ systems
– 360 degree communication system design for specific applications, incl. also further communication technologies (e.g. narrowband PLC, wireless, cellular, etc.)