Power Line Communications (PLC) technology

Driven by the trends towards digitalization and automation many system components in airplanes, trains, vehicles, etc. require both power and data connections for monitoring and control functions. This leads to large quantities of cables and connectors, combined with high complexity, high susceptibility to faults and high maintenance costs.

Power Line Communications (PLC) enables high-speed data communications over a power distribution network eliminating the need for a separate data network with additional wires, connectors, fixations, etc.

The Power Line data bUS (PLUS) is a PLC technology specifically targeting safety critical systems with strict real-time and reliability requirements.

plc-tec AG develops and markets PLUS products and IP-cores to customers looking to unlock the significant potential of a real-time and reliable PLC technology. The integration of PLUS products into their systems enables system providers to gain competitive advantages for their systems reg.

• less weight

less space requirements

lower power consumption

higher reliability 

• lowers cost for procurement, production, integration and maintenance. 

PLC technology for sustainable innovations

The main area of application for plc-tec’s PLUS technology today is in vehicles such as airplanes and trains. In addition to reducing complexity and costs, the elimination of data cables and connectors also means less weight. This means fewer CO2 emissions – for a sustainable and green future.