2023-September | Hightech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ) has published another video of the 10thanniversary event which includes the full presentation of Prof. Dr. J. Wassner, CDO of plc-tec.

2023-August-31 | First public demonstration of an important automated train function for the Full Digital Freight Train – remote uncoupling of wagons, controlled via PTB and using Voith’s DAC5 system, demonstrated by plc-tec’s research and development partner HSLU and SBB Cargo.

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2023-August-29 | Hightech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ) 10th anniversary event in Aarau. Prof. Dr. J. Wassner, CDO of plc-tec, presented the project with the FHNW Institute of Automation for the optimization of the analog circuits of the PLUS prototype, e.g. for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), co-funded by the FORSCHUNGSFONDS AARGAU.

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2023-August-17 | The SRF main evening program (10 vor 10) reports in the first segment about the DAC+ train and the Powerline PLUS Train Backbone (PTB) technology from plc-tec. PTB technology from plc-tec is one of the main drivers for the Fully Digital Freight Train (FDFT), which will make European rail freight transport safer.

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2023-August | Application Note No.2Test results of the Automated Train Functions 

Train Composition Detection and Train Integrity Monitoring on the DAC+ Train 

2023-August | Application Note No.1 – The DAC+ Test System

2023-May | Article in the Swiss about the DAC+ train and tests in Switzerland.

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2023-May | The innovation project which plc-tec conducted with the FHNW Institute of Automation for the optimization of the analog circuits of the PLUS prototype, e.g. for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), co-funded by the FORSCHUNGSFONDS AARGAU, has been selected by the Hightech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ) as one of three projects to be presented on the occasion of HTZ’s 10th anniversary event on August 29 in Aarau.

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2023-March | Dr. Markus Dilger strengthens the plc-tec Leadership Team as Senior Rail Industry and Innovation Advisor. Dr. Dilger is a senior expert of rail communication technologies and the rail market. He will support plc-tec to realize its mission to become the leader for rail powerline communication technology.

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2023-March | First impressions of the DAC+ tests.

Link to the video on plc-tec’s YouTube channel

2023-March | Media release: SBB Cargo announces the official start of the DAC+ tests.

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2023-February | The Swiss DAC+ tests have started! More info coming soon!

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2023-February | ADENEAS Newsletter: Stephen Dominiak, Head of Technology at plc-tec AG, presents the Power Line Communications network configuration concept and tool developed in ADENEAS.

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2022-November | Public presentation of the DAC4EU test results: Powerline PLUS has so far achieved the best results and reliably recorded train integrity and wagon order (e.g. RAILBUSINESS, 49/22 (05.12.22), p. 21)

2022-September | The MISSION project is coming to the integration test stage at the Uni Nottingham. plc-tec’s research partner HSLU has delivered 11 PLUS-V1 PROTOTYPES for the testing.

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Link to Institute for Aerospace Technology of the Uni Nottingham

2022-August | plc-tec’s research partner HSLU has finalized the research project reg. the utilisation of the PLUS signal to detect power line wire faults. The results are promising and will be published soon in an aircraft journal.  

The developed method has also the potential to monitor the health of pin contacts in the e-coupler of the Digital Automatic Coupler DAC and could be integrated into PLUS PTB. Therefore, an innovation project has been started with SBB Cargo with the goal of a Health Monitoring System for the DAC e-coupler which would allow predictive maintenance. The project is supported by the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse. 

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2022-August | plc-tec has finalized the testing of the PLUS-V2 PRODUCT PLATFORM. More than 50 modems for the integration into plc-tec’s field trial projects are currently in production with our manufacturing partners.

2022-June | plc-tec’s partner Diehl Aerospace showcases PLUS AVIONICSas an enabler for the smart cabin of the future at the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) Berlin (June 22 to 26, 2022).

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2022-March | plc-tec, HSLU and SBB Cargo have started a joint project for the testing of the of Digital Automatic Coupler DAC with the PLUS PTB as train backbone for automated train functions like train inauguration, automatic brake test, train integrity monitoring, etc. The focus is on the reliability of the DAC in the tough operational processes e.g., during coupling where the wagons collide at up to 12 km/h, with harsh environmental conditions, etc. Reliability is seen as a major challenge for the acceptance of the DAC. A test train (DAC+ Train Fully automated. Now.) is assembled with several different measuring devices; stand-still and drive tests will be performed. Further project partners are VOITH and PJM. The project is co-funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport.

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2022-February-March | The DAC4EU test train with 14 PTB prototypes travels through Austria an Switzerland and several test drives are conducted for the performance of the train communication backbone. 

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2022-February | plc-tec has finalized the development of the PLUS-V2 Product Platform. A number of modems are currently in lab tests and will then be tested in the field.  

2021-December |  plc-tec’s research partner HSLU / CC ISN and maxon have finalized successfully an innovation project for a health monitoring system of electrical drives in an aircraft. The health of the motors is monitored by appropriate sensors whose raw data is processed locally in a distributed embedded system. The resulting data is then streamed with PLUS via the power supply cabling to further processing in other parts of the aircraft. A demonstrator has been developed for the ventilation control system of passenger aircrafts where several electric drives are typically installed. The project has been co-funded by Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency and was supported also by Diehl Aerospace and Collins. 

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2021-October |  Successful demonstration of PLUS PTB at the VOITH live event on October 19 on the premises of the Havelländische Eisenbahn (HVLE): VOITH presented their current status of automation and digitalisation to international representatives of the railways in Europe.

The focus was on live demonstrations of the technologies on the train including the world premiere of remote uncoupling. Coupling and uncoupling were demonstrated, including PTB data transmission and the rapid disassembly and assembly of the coupler head for easy maintenance.

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2021-September | plc-tec’s research partner HSLU / CC ISN has started a project reg. the utilisation of the PLUS signal to detect power line wire faults. The envisaged solution is a PLUS based sensing system which is embedded in e.g. an aircraft electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS). The project is co-funded by the Hasler Stiftung.

2021-June | plc-tec partners with FHNW Institute of Automation in a project to optimize the analog circuits of the PLUS prototype for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) while investigating new circuits for reducing the size, weight and costs of the prototype. The project is co-funded by the FORSCHUNGSFONDS AARGAU.

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2021-March | plc-tec participates in European Digital Automatic Coupler Delivery Program EDDP and contributes to the expert groups for the data communication system and the electrical energy system. plc-tec brings in the PLUS PTB technology  (Powerline PLUS). 

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2021-February | plc-tec has started together with their consortium partners the H2020 ADENEAS project.

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2019-June | plc-tec presents PLUS PTB at the SBB Cargo booth at the Transport Logistic fair in Munich. 

2017 | Diehl Aerospace an plc-tec’s research partner HSLU / CC ISN have won together the Crystal Cabin Award 2017 for ‘Cabin Systems’. The Crystal Cabin Award is an international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.

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